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October 31, 2012

New NA Files for ARRL Sweepstakes

Recently, the Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC) decided to split the Ontario section into four sections, so better allow the field organization to service it's members.  The ARRL recognizes RAC sections for the purpose of the ARRL Section Sweepstakes (SS) contest, so this means extra multipliers for the 2012 running of the CW and SSB SS contests.

The new sections and abbreviations are:

   * Ontario East           ONE
   * Ontario North          ONN
   * Ontario South          ONS
   * Greater Toronto Area   GTA

These four new sections replace the old Ontario section (ON) which is deleted.  So with four new sections and one deleted section, the number of multipliers for the 2012 SS will be 80 + 4 - 1 = 83.

Updating the NA Logging program to properly score the 2012 is simply a matter of updating the SECTIONS.MLT multiplier file.  You can do this yourself if you're careful to get everything in the right spot in the file, or you can simply download a new version of SECTIONS.MLT which has already been updated (see link below).

Simply replace the copy of SECTIONS.MLT which is on your computer with this new version, and you're all set to go for the 2012 Section Sweepstakes.

UPDATE 06 Nov 2012:  The updated SECTIONS.MLT provided on 31 October 2012 had some problems in that QSOs with VE4 through VE7 stations improperly defaulted to "ONN" rather than their correct section.  Also VE3 was designed to default to GTA (presumably the most populous Ontario section?), but some users felt that VE3 should default to nothing to prevent logging a non-GTA VE3 incorrectly if the operator fails to correct the erroneous default.  The SECTIONS.MLT file now downloadable from the hyperlink below has these issues corrected and is recommended for use in the upcoming 2012 phone SS and ARRL 160M contests.

We apologize for the glitches in the previous SECTIONS.MLT file and credit Joe, K8MP for bringing these issues to our attention.


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